How and When to Apply


Because the Foundation has a policy of renewing grants up to three years for most groups we make very few new grants each year. Please review our grant guidelines careful to learn more about what we look for.

A simple first step is to complete the Initial Funding Request, and mail it to New York Foundation, 10 East 34 Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10016 or email to When request is emailed, you must save the completed Initial Funding Request as a Word document or PDF and send as an attachment.

We can often make a quick determination as to whether or not the request fits our guidelines based on a letter rather than a full proposal. We will ask you for additional information if the request is unclear.

Three Foundation program staff will review each request. We receive numerous requests for each cycle, so our staff cannot evaluate each proposed project in person or over the telephone; that is why we will always ask that you put your inquiry in writing. Once the deadline has passed and all pending requests have been read, program staff will meet personally with the strongest applicants to evaluate the proposed projects and will visit the program sites before making recommendations to the Board.

We will not accept proposals by fax.


All grants are made by the Board of Trustees, which meets three times a year: in February, June, and October.

*Requests for funding must be received by:

November 1 for the February meeting
March 1 for the June meeting
July 1 for the October meeting

* When any of these dates falls on a weekend, the due date is the Friday before the first of the month.