Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association Sheds Light on Deep Housing Issues Based on NYC Eviction Data, Reported by City Limits

Posted on February 11, 2019

What Does the City’s Eviction Data Really Mean?

Originally Published in City Limits on February 8, 2019
Written by Sadef Ali Kully

The western part of the Bronx is the epicenter of evictions in the city, according to data released Monday by the City Council speaker’s office.

Acting Public Advocate and New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said the data sheds light on a critical housing issue, adding that he hoped the informational map would help policymakers and advocates in the fight for tenant rights and protections, “We are facing an affordability crisis and the only way we will be able to fix it is to truly understand the scope of the problem and provide tenants with tools and resources to stay in their homes,” he said.

“Right to Counsel is super important. On a much deeper level, the disconnect between wages and rents has been growing for decades and until that shifts, this won’t get any better. Those on fixed incomes are the most vulnerable, who won’t be helped by the minimum wage increase, so Senior Citizen Rent Increase and the Disabled Rent Increase exemption programs are also very important,” says Gregory Jost, director of organizing for Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association.

“The numbers are so high in the Bronx, as we have a growing concentration of people/families who have already been displaced from their neighborhoods in Brooklyn/Manhattan/Queens,” Jost says. “Add to this the impact of evictions and displacement on people who are already living in financial scarcity, and there are ripple effects on all other kinds of life outcomes from health to education.”

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