Churches United for Fair Housing Wants Fair, Affordable Housing for Bushwick, Reported by City Limits

Posted on September 27, 2018

Bushwick Community Plan Calls for Changes in Zoning—and in the Process

Originally Reported by City Limits on September 26, 2018
Written by Sadef Ali Kully

From its start four years ago, the Bushwick Community Plan hoped to chart a different approach to a neighborhood rezoning: Rather than reacting to a proposal from the city, a set of community stakeholders would come up with its own plan to preserve the neighborhood’s character and affordability in the face of intense interest by private developers.

Recently, residents along with the housing advocacy group Churches United for Fair Housing have held protests outside over a dozen new and proposed developments that have popped up in Bushwick. Churches United for Fair Housing (CUFFH) is one of the groups that participated in the Bushwick community planning process.

“This process has been a collaboration between community members, elected officials, local community groups representing their membership with technical support from city agencies. Up until this spring, the Department of City Planning was working with us as well. Unfortunately, the city was ultimately not responsive to the needs and requests of the community so the [planning process] continued on without them. We know what we want and together we are going to advocate for a bright vibrant and inclusive future for Bushwick,” said Alex Fennell, CUFFH Network Director. “I think the recommendations reflect what we heard were the greatest needs of Bushwick residents. We want affordable housing that is truly affordable for us…”

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