Cypress Hills LDC Wants Clarity on the Rezoning Process, Reported by CityLimits

Posted on April 11, 2018

Worries About Whether City is Keeping Tabs on Development in East New York

Originally Posted in CityLimits on April 6, 2018
Written By Abigail Savitch-Lew

The Coalition for Community Advancement: Progress for East New York/Cypress Hills, a coalition of neighborhood groups that organized in response to the rezoning, have been closely monitoring the roll-out of the rezoning and accompanying neighborhood investments to ensure the city is held accountable to its promises. When it comes to one of the biggest issues, the future affordability of the neighborhood, coalition members are concerned about whether the city is doing enough to monitor development.

At the time of the rezoning’s passage, the Department of City Planning predicted that about 50 percent of the 6,500 units that the city thought would result from the rezoning over 10 years would be rented at below-market rates.

Michelle Neugebauer, a member of the coalition and director of Cypress Hills LDC, echoes these worries. “We just want clarity on what the process is that HPD is going to be using to track the transfer and development of vacant land in the neighborhood that are privately owned and what are the good faith efforts that will be made, other than having it on their website…to convince owners and developers of vacant private land to build using HPD Subsidy,” she says.

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