Fifth Avenue Committee Will Erect an Eight-Story Building With a Two-Story Library, NY Times Reports

Posted on September 25, 2017

Libraries Can Be More Than Just Books

Originally Published in The New York Times on September 18, 2017
Written by Matt A.V. Chaban

Michelle de la Uz, executive director of Fifth Avenue Committee, has made a career of tackling complicated affordable housing projects. She has helped build hundreds of units inside developments that include community spaces, medical offices and prekindergartens. “It shouldn’t just be the communities that can support these projects — every neighborhood, and every community, deserves great civic spaces,” said Ms. de la Uz, who is also a city planning commissioner. In 2014, the city selected the Fifth Avenue Committee to undertake the novel task of redeveloping the Sunset Park branch. There, an eight-story building will rise, with the first two floors dedicated to a library 75 percent larger than the one there now. The floors above will have 49 apartments, all of which will be rented to low- and middle-income families in perpetuity.

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