Flatbush Tenant Coalition Preserves Tenants’ Rights and Shames Tenant Abusers, Reported by Bklyner

Posted on November 14, 2017

Flatbush Community Gathers to Protest Eviction of Octogenarian Tenant

Originally Posted by Bklyner on November 13, 2017
Written by Paul Stremple

Ms. Joy P. Noel was evicted through a holdover case, a process used to evict a tenant for reasons other than non-payment of rent. The legal notices sent to Ms. Noel, who lives in the 11226 zip code, were addressed incorrectly: her name was misspelled as “Nole” and the zip 11215. Unaware of the legal proceedings against her, Ms. Noel didn’t appear in housing court, and lost her case. Thus, when she came back to New York after seeking medical treatment abroad, the 80-something year old grandmother was homeless. She’d been evicted from her apartment at the Ditmas Arms, her home of more than 20 years, and her belongings had been packed up and put in storage. The Carnegie Management company, which manages the building at 585 East 21st Street, was previously involved in an illegal eviction case in Williamsburg. Tenants in Ms. Noel’s building said that the company has offered to buy them out, and has even shut off gas to the building since February. “They’re not only trying to make money,” said Ms. Noel, “they’re jeopardizing the lives of tenants.” On the morning of November 13th, members of the Flatbush Tenant Coalition gathered with local political leaders, community organizers and tenants to demand Ms. Noel’s reinstatement in her apartment and call for an end to predatory tactics by landlords to wrongfully evict tenants. More than 50 people gathered in the lobby of Ms. Noel’s building for the press conference. City Coucilmember Jumaane Williams, who has long fought for tenant’s rights, called the eviction of Ms. Noel an “egregious, malicious” act by “disgusting landlords” that was “all about greed.” Josue Pierre, District leader from the 42nd Assembly District, brought a message of solidarity with Ms. Noel. “You can tell a lot about a society by the way we treat our seniors,” said Pierre. “Let this not be a precedent, let this not be allowed.” In the meantime, the Flatbush Tenant Coalition has set up a fundraising page to help Ms. Noel raise money to recover her belongings from storage before they’re auctioned off on November 20. “We are here today not for Joy P. Noel,” said Ms. Noel, “but for justice in our community.”

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