Good Old Lower East Side Continues Fight for Tenants’ Rights, Reported by Patch

Posted on March 14, 2019

Rent-Striking Tenants Should Stay In E Village Homes, AG Says

Originally Published in Patch on March 13, 2019
Written by Sydney Pereira

Attorney General Letitia James, together with city and state agencies, is intervening in an ongoing federal bankruptcy court case to prevent the tenants of 444 East 13th St. from being kicked out. [The tenants] have been withholding rent for months due to inadequate heat, broken or defective plumbing, garbage in the hallway and rodents — something the tenants can legally do if the landlord refuses to make repairs, according to the AG’s office.

“Bankruptcy Court should not be used as a tool to unjustly oust rent-stabilized New Yorkers from their homes,” James said in a statement. “In filing this motion, my office is working to ensure that the tenants are not displaced. Housing is a right, and we will continue to use every legal tool available to stand up for tenants and to enforce their rights.”

Tenants rights’ and housing organization Good Old Lower East Side‘s executive director Damaris Reyes said in a statement, “We won’t stand for this egregious attempt to manipulate the law and push tenants out of the homes that they’ve lived in for decades.”

“The affordability crisis is a threat to our communities, and we stand by the tenants at 444 East 13th Street,” Reyes said.

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