IMPACCT Brooklyn Helps Residents Form Their Own Housing Co-Op, Reported by BKReader

Posted on April 26, 2018

Taking Matters into Their Own Hands, Residents Form Housing Co-Op

Originally posted in BKReader on April 25, 2018
Written by Andrea Leonhardt

On Monday, the residents of 265 Hawthorne Street celebrated a very special victory: the formation of their own housing co-op. New York State Senator Jesse Hamilton, IMPACCT Brooklyn and other community advocates who supported the tenants in their ten-year journey joined the celebration.

“But this shows you that when people come together, work together and are committed to the task at hand, we can make things happen. Today is a day we can say we made history in formulating a blueprint for how tenants can take ownership of a building,” said Sen. Hamilton.

IMPACCT Brooklyn guided them through the administrative process to form the co-op and worked on the tenants’ behalf with the building’s management company to finalize the paperwork.

“This is a shining example of what IMPACCT is doing and it has to spread,” said attorney David Morrisset.”There are a lot of good opportunities and if nobody knows, that is a tragedy. We need to make sure they do not only hear the bad news, they hear the good news – and that is why I sacrificed.”

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