Make the Road New York Member Rodman Serrano Fights to Protect his Family, Reported by The New York Times

Posted on January 10, 2018

President Trump Is Breaking Up My Family

Originally Posted by The New York Times on January 10, 2018
Written By Rodman Serrano

“The proudest day of my life was when I was accepted to Stony Brook University — the school of my dreams. I didn’t open the letter right away, weighing the envelope in my hands. When I finally tore it open, I felt relief and exhilaration. I was one step closer to my dream of becoming a high school English teacher,” but Rodman Serrano’s dreams were now in jeopardy. Serrano and his two sisters are the children a Salvadoran mother and father — both under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program. The program has allowed Serrano’s parents — and about 200,000 other Salvadorans — to live and work in this country with legal authorization for decades. They’ve worked factory jobs for years, and even held several jobs at the same time to care for their children. They coordinated their schedules to make sure that at least one of them was always home with the kids. As two immigrants who fled El Salvador, all they wanted was a good education and a brighter future for their children. “When I got into Stony Brook, I finally felt that I had something tangible to show my parents that justified their hard work and sacrifices,” said Serrano, but the Trump administration’s announcement of ending T.P.S. for Salvadorans had Serrano and his family felt their security had “suddenly been ripped from under our feet.” Make The Road New York has given Rodman Serrano a platform to share his family’s story and have their voice be heard.

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