Make the Road New York, New York Immigration Coalition, and Legal Aid Society Condemn New “Public Charge” Green Card Proposal, Reported by ABC7 NY

Posted on September 24, 2018

New Trump Administration proposal would make it harder for immigrants to get green cards

Originally Published in ABC7 NY on September 23, 2018
Reported by CeFaan Kim

Decades-old guidelines narrowly define public charge to be a person ‘primarily dependent on the government for subsistence.’ The Department of Homeland Security’s proposal would drastically expand the definition of who is considered a ‘public charge.’

Make the Road New York‘ released a statement saying, “The proposed changes mark a dramatic escalation in the Trump Administration’s attempt to strip immigrants of their legal status and criminalize poverty in communities of color across this country. Trump is targeting immigrant families – including U.S.-born children.”

The Legal Aid Society added, “This heartless proposal again reveals the Trump Administration’s deep disdain towards immigrants and their children, especially immigrants of color.”

“It’s just another example of malevolence by this administration against the immigrant community. Communities that come here that work, that contribute to the economy,” said Claudia Calhoon of the NY Immigration Coalition.

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