New York Immigration Coalition Advocates for Driver Licenses for Immigrant New Yorkers, Reported by Spectrum News

Posted on May 14, 2019

NY Immigration Coalition Launches Ad Campaign For Green Light Bill

Originally Published in Spectrum News on May 13, 2019
Written by Nick Reisman

The New York Immigration Coalition on Monday will launch a new push for a bill that would extend access to driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, including a TV ad set to air in heavy rotation in New York City and Albany. The ad, which will also be featured on social and digital media, will target voters in key state Senate districts on Long Island and in the Hudson Valley. The spot highlights the support the measure, known as the Green Light bill, has received from local and county-level law enforcement in recent months.

Assembly Democrats this month signaled there was sufficient support in their conference to move forward with a floor vote in the coming weeks for the measure, but will first conduct a public information campaign highlight what supporters have said are the benefits of the measure. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said he would sign the legislation if approved by the legislature. Last week, Cuomo pointed to some of the arguments made by supporters of the bill, such as the public safety benefits of drivers have licenses.

“I want to make sure people on the road have a driver’s license and have taken a test and are qualified,” Cuomo said in an interview. “From a state point of view, we don’t do immigration policy. Yes, I support it, it is very controversial. But people often overlook the public safety standpoint, especially with this immigration debate.”

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