New York State Funders, Including New York Community Trust and New York Foundation, Advocate for an Accurate Census Count, Reported by NPQ

Posted on July 9, 2018

Funders Join Forces in New York State to Push for Accurate Census Count

Originally Published in Non-Profit Quarterly on July 5, 2018
Written by Steve Dubb

The New York Community Trust has agreed to host a New York State Grantmakers for Census Equity affinity fund, reports David Gentile in NYN Media. The foundation affinity group aims “to raise $1 to $2 million to help mobilize local and statewide efforts to make the 2020 Census accurate and fair,” said a trust spokesperson. The New York Foundation has also agreed to contribute to the fund, as have other (unnamed) funders. Patricia Swann, senior program officer at The New York Community Trust, announced the group’s formation during Philanthropy New York’s annual meeting.

Gentile adds, “The Trump administration has called for changes to the 2020 Census that some believe could have devastating effects on its accuracy…These include the reinsertion of a question on citizenship status and a shift towards submitting census data online.”

“We can’t afford to lose any of this funding because of an inaccurate count,” says Sol Marie Alfonso-Jones, senior program officer at the Long Island Community Foundation, an affiliate of the New York Community Trust. Even an undercount of half a million, she adds, “could have serious implications.”

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