VOCAL-NY and Drug Policy Alliance Want Marijuana Off Records, Reported by the Observer

Posted on May 22, 2018

Here’s What Will Happen to You Now if You Smoke Pot in Public in NYC

Originally Posted in the Observer on May 21, 2018
Written by Madina Toure

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who remains opposed to marijuana legalization, is directing the NYPD to issue summonses to individuals who smoke marijuana in public instead of arresting them, the New York Daily News reported on Sunday.

In a joint statement, Kassandra Frederique, New York State director of the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), which has been working on the issue, and Alyssa Aguilera, VOCAL-NY’s co-executive director, called on the city to restore individuals’ rights and seal their records.

He [Mayor de Blasio] is also forming a task force of city officials who will take steps to prepare for marijuana legalization, looking into issues such as how police officers will interact with individuals who smoke marijuana in public, public health campaigns the city will conduct on the issue, and what zoning is required for marijuana dispensaries.

“What Mayor de Blasio has effectively said is we’re going to start looking at this more as a public health issue than a criminal justice issue,” said marijuana rights activist and professor of criminal justice at Shenandoah University in Virginia Jon Gettman.

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