Young Advocates for Fair Education Holds City Politicians Responsible for Allowing Educational Neglect in Yeshivas, NY Times Reports

Posted on September 7, 2017

Critics Say City Has Not Investigated Yeshivas, Breaking Pledge

Originally Published in The New York Times September 6, 2017
Written by Kate Taylor

Young Advocates for Fair Education (YAFFED) stood on the steps of City Hall Wednesday and accused Mayor Bill de Blasio and his schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña, of turning a blind eye to what they called educational neglect. Roughly 57,000 students attend ultra-Orthodox Jewish yeshivas in New York City and many of the students, particularly the boys, will finish school with poor to nonexistent English and math skills, and little knowledge of history or science. Responding to complaints that several dozen yeshivas in New York City fell short of the state requirement that they provide an education “at least substantially equivalent” to that offered in public schools, officials at the city’s Department of Education said they would investigate. That was two years ago.

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