Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice Helps Bronx Residents Access Free Fresh Food, CBS News Reports

Posted on September 20, 2017

“Floating food forest” docked in New York at one of the largest “food deserts”

Originally Published in CBS News on September 15, 2017
Written by Anisha Nandi

The Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice teamed up with artist Mary Mattingly to give young people an opportunity to learn about what it takes to grow, sustain and eat clean, fresh, accessible food and in turn inform their community. They do this with a “floating food forest”, a 130-foot-long repurposed barge called Swale docked on the waterfront. The installation at Concrete Plant Park is a work around of an ordinance in New York City that bars food from being grown, picked or foraged on public parkland. It is intended to stop practices that could damage the city landscape or cause harm to anyone eating food that may not be clean. Swale serves as both an art installation and an innovative solution.

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