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Engage To Change
A set of strategies visualized to describe how some service organizations are integrating social change into their everyday work. Supporting the voice of service recipients helps participants gain a sense of efficacy and gives organizations new ideas and power to make change. October, 2016.

What Happens When Communities Organize
This self-published report illustrates how the city’s vibrant community organizing and advocacy groups act as the connective tissue between community members and campaigns to win neighborhood and public policy change. It shows the complexity of our grantees’ experiences and the multiple strategies they use in their work? May, 2015.

Balm in Gilead: Collected Stories from Black Organizers   
We are marking the 50th anniversary of the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act by looking forward. What do Black leaders have to say about where we stand today? January, 2015.

Exploring Why We Fund Community Organizing 
Come on a virtual site visit featuring some New York Foundation grantees and how community organizing fits into our grant-making strategy; May 28th, 2014.

Chronicle of Philanthropy Article
Small, Focused New York Foundation Should Serve as Grant-Making Model
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, September 19, 2010
By Pablo Eiseinberg

New York’s Diverse Muslim Community Listening Tour
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The Count: Boogeying Towards the Census
Produced by PPH With the release of this decade’s census, it’s important to not only look at those fascinating statistics but all the hard work, the sleeverolling, and the boogeying performed by community organizers to get New Yorkers from historically excluded communities to fill out their census forms. A collaborative journalism project by People’s Production House, ‘The Count’ investigates the tactics and tools developed by grassroots organizations determined to-this time-ensure that immigrants, working families, and youth get included in THE COUNT.

NYC Funders Census Initiative
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100 Year Report: Taking Risks That Matter
In 2009, the New York Foundation celebrated its 100th Anniversary and released this report on the foundation’s history.
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Listening at the Grassroots
Reflecting on 25 years of grantmaking, Madeline Lee, former executive director of the New York Foundation, produced this report.
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On Being Grounded
On Being Grounded: Perspectives from the New York Foundation
Written by Kevin Ryan, Adriana Rocha, and Maria Mottola, New York Foundation
State of Philanthropy 2006, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
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“Six Stories” DVD
“Six Stories from the New York Foundation Video Archives,” a 30-minute documentary screened at The Anthology Film Archives, highlights the stories of six New York City-based community organizers.