Management Center Trainings and Workshops Apr. 25-26, 28, 2017

Posted on April 14, 2017


The NYC Capacity Building Collaborative is pleased to offer two workshops from the Management Center. These workshops are designed to support new managers to take their skills to the next level, especially managers of color and staff who are in line to take over as the organization’s next executive director.

The Management Center helps social justice leaders learn how to build and run more effective organizations. Since 2006, they have worked with more than 300 of the most influential social justice groups in the country and trained over 10,000 individual managers, instilling the practices that help great leaders deliver great results.

Managing to Change the World – April 25-26, 10am-5:30pm – The Managing to Change the World crash course is a two-day training on key management practices that help visionary leaders deliver on their aspirations. Through this highly practical training, participants will explore and practice tools that differentiate high-performing organizations—from effectively assigning roles and responsibilities and setting goals, to hiring a diverse team of superstars, managing across lines of difference, and giving effective, and unbiased feedback. The training will incorporate a mix of engaging visuals, lecture, discussion, group activities and practice.

If possible, we would like two people per organization to attend this training. Your reports do not need to attend the Owning the Work training, but you may find it helpful.

Owning the Work – April 28, 10am-5:30pm – To accompany the training for managers, the Owning the Work one-day crash course is designed to leave staff empowered and equipped to drive their work forward even more effectively. Participants will learn practices for getting aligned with their manager and broader teams, clarifying roles and goals, managing their time, and being a proactive player in pushing through roadblocks in the work. Staff members who attend will also build common language with their managers, practicing some of the management tools taught in the Managing to Change the World training. The training will also incorporate a mix of engaging visuals, lecture, discussion, group activities and practice.

In order to attend this training, your manager must attend the Managing to Change the World training.

To register: Click here
This training is free to grantees of the Brooklyn Community Foundation, Cricket Island Foundation, Daphne Foundation, Korean American Community Foundation, Mertz Gilmore Foundation, New York Foundation, New York Women’s Foundation, North Star Fund, Scherman Foundation, and Stonewall Community Foundation.

Space is limited. Each person should submit their own application. Please submit your application by Thursday, April 13, 2017. We’ll confirm if you have been accepted (or put on the waiting list) by April 18, 2017.