Public Comment on Census Question Fill Out by August 7, 2018

Posted on August 1, 2018

Public Comment on Census Question

New York Counts 2020 campaign is targeting comment letters from organizations. Individuals can submit comments as well. Please refer to the steps below.

More info here

Please answer one or more of the following questions in your comment:

1.  How much do you receive in federal dollars? (grants? re-grants?)

2.  What do you rely on the census for?

3.  How would an under-count impact your specific community members? The more specific/tailored your comment is, the more persuasive you will be.


Submission Details:

1.  Please limit your comments to no more than 5,000 characters (700-800 words).

2.  Please submit your comment to by the DOC deadline of August 7th, 11:59 pm EST.

3.  Please email Liz OuYang, a copy of your comments so they can post them on New York Counts 2020 website.