Subud Chelsea Center/Subud New York

Posted on August 19, 2013

The Subud Chelsea Center, at 230 West 29th Street in Manhattan, seeks nonprofit renters for its two meeting spaces on an occasional or regular basis. Available for church services, classes, as a meditation center, wedding or memorial venue, the Subud Chelsea Center is 3 blocks from Penn Station. Ideal for rehearses, performs, recitals, graduation or workshops. The upper hall consists of approximately 4,000 carpeted square feet and accommodates 303 people. It features a small elevated stage and sound system and can be set up with folding chairs and tables. The market rate for this room is $250 per hour, but they are actively looking to collaborate with groups whose ideas and interests dovetail with their own, so there may be some room for discussion and negotiation. A downstairs hall with wooden floors is 1,600 square feet. It comes with a cafe and food service area and is suitable for active groups who may want to serve, snacks or arrange their own catering. The going rate for the lower floor is $175 per hour with food and drink or $150 without. Again, open to some negotiation and give and take. Particularly interested in a regular Wednesday or Thursday evening occupancy. Good daytime availability and some weekend time as well.

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