Jose Hamza Saldana

Release Aging People in Prison Campaign

Key Topics: Structurally change the NYS Parole Board's paradigm of perpetual punishment (parole denials), Advocate for meaningful parole release consideration for elder incarcerated people, Advocate for parole reform that would effectively provide every incarcerated person in NYS the opportunity for parole release, End sentences that constitute "Death by Incarceration", The experience of aging in prison and what it is like to be among others growing old and infirm, Work in prison to create effective programs for personal transformation of incarcerated people, The joys and challenges of being released from prison as an elder.

Bio: Jose Hamza Saldana is the Director of the Release Aging People/RAPP Campaign. He was released from prison on January 11, 2018, after 38-years of incarceration. During the early years of his incarceration, he adopted three rules to live by. They became his guiding principles. 1) Get out of prison as soon as possible; 2) Get out a better person than when he came in; 3) Help others live by the same principles.

Selected Speaking Experience