Strategic Opportunity Fund


The Strategic Opportunity Fund provides grants for work that is critical but may not require support for multiple years going forward. This approach recognizes that funding is needed to support campaigns, collaborations, and coalitions launched by groups that see opportunity and demonstrate readiness to undertake pressing social change efforts.

The funds are available to current and former New York Foundation grantees or collaborations that include a critical number of organizations that represent current or former grantees.

These one-year grants meet the following criteria:

  • time sensitive community organizing or advocacy campaigns,
  • have the potential for broad impact on public policy or power relationships,
  • are innovative in approach, address urgent needs, but do not require multiple years of support,
  • involve critical alliances of diverse organizations working for common purpose,

The proposed project must meet the general criteria for New York Foundation grants: work is based in New York City, addresses an urgent concern, emphasizes community organizing and advocacy as an approach, is strongly identified with a particular community, and can show a clear role for the Foundation’s funds.


Because funds are limited, priority will be given when

  • few other sources of revenue are available,
  • our support might leverage additional support or create an opportunity for the New York Foundation to collaborate with new funding partners,
  • require an amount of funding to which our grant would make a substantial contribution.


Applications will be accepted during the course of the year via regular mail or email application as attachment to  It must include a narrative that describes the work and a budget that indicates how funds will be allocated and other sources of support.

Grants will be made by trustees at the February, June and October Board meetings. Proposals received by March 1 can be considered at the June Board meeting and proposals received by July 1 can be considered at the October meeting.