Capacity Building Program

Since its inception more than 35 years ago, the Foundation’s Capacity Building Program has evolved in response to the changing needs of our grantees and the diversity of options available. It seeks to provide enhanced support that responds to the needs of our grantee partners in the different stages of organizational development, as early and as often as possible.

Our Capacity Building Program can:

  • Provide you with information and resources
  • Put you in touch with others for support and coalition building
  • Help you enhance the skills and ability to advocate for the people you serve.


The Foundation partners with Community Resource Exchange and Lawyers Alliance who provide case-specific consultations and organizational development.

Our other consulting partners can be covered with a Small Grant (see below for our Small Grants Program).


A series of workshops funded by The New York City Capacity Building Collaborative is held throughout the year to address organizational needs.


You are eligible to apply for small grants to build your organization’s capacity.

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