Capacity Building Program

As a current grantee of the New York Foundation, you are eligible for our Capacity Building Program, which connects you to experts, trainings, resources, and additional funds to help you meet your organization’s mission. Enrollment for this opportunity is open year round, so be sure to connect with your program officer to discuss the different available options.

What is capacity building?

Capacity building provides individuals and organizations a set of tools, resources, knowledge, and skills to advance their work and achieve their mission. For social justice groups this includes not only building organizational functions but community organizing strategies, including advocacy, base-building, coalition-building, direct action, leadership development, litigation/lawyering, participatory action research, participatory planning and design, popular education, and strategic communications.

Through the New York Foundation Capacity Building Program, you will:

Here’s what the Capacity Building Program offers:

Get Support and Coaching

Apply for a Small Grant

Attend a Workshop

Connect with Community Organizing Capacity Building Providers