New York Foundation funds community organizing and grassroots advocacy led by and for people who live in New York City.

We prioritize emerging organizations that center racial, economic, gender, disability, and climate justice, led by Black, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+ people, women, and people of color.


In order to be eligible for funding from the New York Foundation, your organization must: 

» Be based in NYC

» Be a 501(c)(3) organization or fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) organization

» Use community organizing and grassroots advocacy as primary strategies to address the root causes of oppression

  • We define organizing as community-initiated and -led mobilization that builds power for progressive social and systemic change. Organizing groups are accountable to their community and help to hold public officials accountable. Organizing strives to create the conditions that allow people to choose how to live their lives with dignity and with the support and resources to thrive. 
  • We define grassroots advocacy as a strategy carried out by those directly affected that rallies public action to create equitable policies.  

What we look for:

  • Community-initiated and led: community, membership, or base identifies problems and solutions 
  • Power building: intentionally build community power through political activation, leadership development, base building, and collective action
  • Systemic change: address the root causes of oppression to ensure the equitable distribution of resources, power, and rights
  • Racial justice: address the harms caused by systemic and historical racism; creates intentional systems to support and sustain racial equity 
  • Collaborative: build alignment through coalition work with allies that have similar goals and values 

Strategies may include:

Wins may include:

We prioritize groups that:

» Are led by:

  • Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color
  • Trans and gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people
  • Trans and cis women

» Proactively center racial, economic, and gender justice 

» Work with overlooked and under resourced constituencies or neighborhoods, or on critical social justice issues that have not yet received public attention 

» Emerging or newly formed organizations, especially those with limited access to institutional funding

Ineligible for funding:

  • Direct services
  • Individuals
  • Capital campaigns
  • Research studies
  • Films, publications, and documentaries
  • Schools, universities, museums, arts institutions 
  • Conferences, events, galas 
  • Requests outside New York City, except from New York State organizations working on statewide issues relevant to the criteria listed above
  • Requests outside the United States

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