Grants Awarded in 2019


Alliance of Families for Justice

$40,000 | New York, NY
To support, empower, and mobilize families of incarcerated people to advance criminal justice reform.

Communities United for Police Reform

$40,000 | New York, NY
To support and strengthen the New York City Police accountability campaign.

Council on American-Islamic Relations–New York

$40,000 | New York, NY
To support the initiative to educate Muslim New Yorkers about law enforcement surveillance and empower them to challenge these practices through community organizing and civic engagement.

Coalition for Asian American Children and Families

$40,000 | New York, NY
To develop an Asian Pacific American network of advocates fighting for educational equity, diversity, and integration in public schools.

How Our Lives Link Altogether!

$40,000 | Brooklyn, NY
To support the leadership and healing of marginalized youth of color.

New Sanctuary Coalition

$40,000 | New York, NY
To provide legal advocacy, leadership development, and organizing skills to youth affected by immigration enforcement.


$40,000 | New York, NY
For an advocacy campaign to end solitary confinement in New York State.

New York Renews

$40,000 | New York, NY
For a statewide coalition of environmental, labor, and community groups that aims to achieve an environmentally sustainable and just New York State economy.

New York State Youth Leadership Council

$40,000 | New York, NY
To support undocumented youth organizing including political education, leadership development, movement building, and advocacy.

Riders Alliance

$40,000 | New York, NY
To mobilize riders in the Bronx and Queens to win better bus service and advocate for community needs.

Young Advocates for Fair Education

$40,000 | New York, NY
To fight on behalf of students attending ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic schools who are currently being deprived of a basic secular education.

Community & Neighborhood Development

Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative

$40,000 | Bronx, NY
To advance an equitable, sustainable, and inclusive local economy in the Bronx.

Green Worker Cooperatives

$40,000 | New York, NY
To engage worker cooperatives in movement-building.

Made in Brownsville

$40,000 | Brooklyn, NY
For a community-led creative agency that provides young people in Brownsville and Ocean Hill, Brooklyn, science, technology, engineering, and art skills.

Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice

$40,000 | Bronx, NY
To engage young people and community residents in efforts to reshape the toxic built-infrastructure into spaces that are environmentally sound.

Direct Service

Bangladeshi American Community Development & Youth Services

$40,000 | Brooklyn, NY
To provide services and encourage civic participation among the Bangladeshi residents of East New York.


$40,000 | Bronx, NY
To support leadership development and programming to amplify immigrant rights and end race-based bullying, discrimination, and violence in South Bronx schools.

Project Hajra

$40,000 | Queens, NY
To support the development of collective work and community safety models for Muslim, Arab, and South Asian women in Queens.

Community Organizing

Arab American Association of New York

$40,000 | Brooklyn, NY
For a multi-pronged campaign to create community-based networks to address the opioid crisis in South Brooklyn.


$40,000 | New York, NY
To train directly affected immigrant youth as peer educators and community organizers.

CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities

$40,000 | Manhattan, Queens, NY
To organize Asian communities to participate in campaigns to advance racial, gender, economic, and housing justice.

Cabrini Immigrant Services of NYC

$40,000 | New York, NY
To build power and leadership within the local immigrant community.

Centro Corona

$40,000 | Corona, NY
To support a community center that engages working-class immigrants in Corona, Queens.

Chhaya Community Development Corporation

$40,000 | Queens, NY
To advance equitable development, civic engagement, and tenant and immigrant rights in Queens.

Community Action for Safe Apartments

$40,000 | Bronx, NY
To protect and maintain affordable housing in the Bronx

Community Voices Heard

$40,000 | New York, NY
To support organizing of Bronx public housing residents to increase civic engagement and participation.

Crown Heights Tenant Union

$40,000 | Brooklyn, NY
To organize low-income New York City residents to combat displacement in Crown Heights.

Equality for Flatbush

$40,000 | Brooklyn, NY
To organize residents of Flatbush to demand police accountability and affordable housing.

Families for Freedom

$40,000 | New York, NY
To hire a community organizer to develop leadership of immigrants who may be at-risk for detention and deportation.


$40,000 | New York, NY
To support a youth organizing program for LGBTQ youth ages 12-25.

Flanbwayan Haitian Literacy Project

$40,000 | Brooklyn, NY
For a youth-led advocacy campaign to improve enrollment policies for immigrant high school students.

Flatbush Tenant Coalition

$40,000 | Brooklyn, NY
To address the increased harassment and discrimination faced by low-income immigrant residents of Flatbush.


$40,000 | New York, NY
To support youth-led campaign for integrated and equitable schools.

Jahajee Sisters

$40,000 | Bronx, NY
To advance gender justice through advocacy, leadership development, and supporting survivors of violence and abuse.

La Colmena

$40,000 | Staten Island, NY
For a membership-based organization of immigrant workers on Staten Island.


$40,000 | Bronx, NY
To improve the quality of life of the Southeast Asian community in New York City through community organizing, services, and arts and cultural interventions.


$40,000 | Brooklyn, NY
To support a campaign to help Mexican residents of Sunset Park prepare for impending policy changes that will adversely affect the immigrant community.

Picture the Homeless

$40,000 | New York, NY
To identify the root causes of homelessness, devise solutions, and organize campaigns that build power for homeless New Yorkers.

Release Aging People in Prison Campaign

$40,000 | New York, NY
For a campaign to increase the release rate of elderly incarcerated people in New York State prisons.

Right to Counsel

$40,000 | New York, NY
To monitor and promote the implementation of the city’s first right-to-council law in low-income neighborhoods where tenants are most vulnerable.

United Neighborhood Houses of New York

$40,000 | New York, NY
To build the capacity of seniors to engage in efforts to reposition senior centers as valued neighborhood assets.
$40,000 | New York, NY
To end the predatory and discriminatory practices of the commercial bail bond industry.

Voces Ciudadanas

$40,000 | Brooklyn, NY
To amplify the voices and experiences of immigrant and working-class communities in Brooklyn.

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