Year indicates first grant made

1911-15 Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society
1911-49 Travelers’ Aid Society
1914 Committee for Immigrants in America
1918 American Jewish War Drive
1920-21 League of Foreign Born Citizens
1922-24 Emergency Committee on Education of Non-English Speaking Women
1922-41 Foreign Language Information Service
1925-49 International Migration Service
1932-33 National League for American Citizenship
1933-36 Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Physicians
1933-43 Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars
1933-46 American Friends Service Committee
1934-41 National Coordinating Committee for Aid to Refugees and Emigrants Coming from Germany
1935-36 Greater New York Committee for Aid of German Jewish Refugees
1936-41 American Committee for Christian Refugees
1939-40 University in Exile
1939-41 International Student Committee
1940 American Guild for German Cultural Freedom
1940 Émigré Charitable Fund
1941 United States Committee on the Care of European Children
1941-48 Help and Reconstruction
1942-44 Progressive Schools Committee for Refugee Children
1946 Greater New York Committee for Japanese Americans
1946-47 Central Location Index
1946-49 American Committee for Émigré Scholars, Writers and Artists
1948-49 Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Medical Scientists
1959 Hamilton Madison House (Puerto Rican Association for Community Affairs)
1965 ACCION International
1969 Chinese Youth Council
1970 Puerto Rican Forum
1970 American Council for Emigres in the Professions
1982 National Committee on Household Employment
1983 Center for Immigrants Rights
1983 Self Help Association of Russian Elderly
1984 Haitian Centers Council
1985 South Side Community Mission (Central American refugees)
1985 Tolentine Zeiser Community Life Center (Cambodian refugees)
1989 Association Des Travailleurs Haitiens
1990 Sakhi for South Asian Women
1991 Vietnamese American Cultural Organization
1992 Polonians Organized to Minister to our Community, Inc.
1992 Chinese Staff and Workers Association
1993 DOST, Turkish American Community Services, Inc.
1995 Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees
1995 Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence Organizing Asian Communities
1995 Committee for Humanitarian Assistance to Iranian Refugees, Inc.
1996 Filipino American Human Services
1996 ELPIDES Inc.
1996 Coalition for Asian American Children and Families
1996 Mujeres Garinagu en Marcha
1997 Young Korean American Service and Education Center
1997 MinKwon Center for Community Action, Inc.
1998 South Asian Youth Action
1999 Roza Promotions (Liberians)
1999 Philippine Forum – Youth
2000 New York Immigration Coalition
2000 El Centro de Hospitalidad (Mexicans)
2000 Reconciliation and Culture Cooperative Network (Balkan exiles)
2001 Ansob Center for Refugees (Yugoslovian refugees)
2001 New York Tibetan Outreach Center
2001 Nah We Yone (Sierra Leonean war victims)
2001 Independent Press Association – New York
2001 Asociacion Tepeyac de New York
2002 Afghan Communicator
2002 Albanian American Women’s Organization
2002 Desis Rising Up and Moving
2002 New Immigrant Community Empowerment
2003 Council on American Islamic Relations-New York
2003 Council of Peoples Organization (South Asians)
2004 Russian American Voters Educational League
2005 Families for Freedom
2005 The Sikh Coalition
2005 Center for Immigrant Families
2006 Arab-American Family Support Center
2006 Centro Hispano Cuzcatlan
2006 Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project
2006 New York Construction Workers United
2006 Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights
2007 African Hope Committee
2007 La Union de la Comunidad Latina
2007 Latin American Workers Project
2007 Mirabal Sisters Cultural and Community Center
2007 New York State Youth Leadership Council
2007 Voces Latinas
2007 Women for Afghan Women
2007 Esperanza del Barrio
2007 VAMOS Unidos
2008 Adhikaar for Human Rights
2008 Center Family Life in Sunset Park
2008 Garifuna Coalition USA
2008 Movement for Justice in El Barrio
2008 African Refuge
2008 Dwa Fanm
2008 Cidadao Global
2008 DAMAYAN Migrant Workers Association
2009 Mixteca Organization