Year indicates first grant made

1911 New York Probation Association
1913 Brooklyn Juvenile Probation Association
1914 City of New York Department of Correction
1916 City of New York Department of Police
1916 Prison Association of New York
1917 Voluntary Defenders Committee
1921 National Probation Association
1927 American Arbitration Association
1933 New York Law Society
1933 State of New York Department of Corrections
1936 Citizen’ s Committee on the Control of Crime in New York
1938 Citizen’s Crime Commission of the State of New York
1939 Social Service Bureau
1940 American Law Institute
1940 City of New York Department of Domestic Relations Court
1941 American Prison Association
1944 Osborne Association
1945 Harvard University Law School
1947 Home Advisory Council of New York,. $3000
1957 Brooklyn Association for Rehabilitation of Offenders
1958 National Juvenile Court Foundation
1963 Probation Research
1966 American Arbitration Association
1966 Committee for Modern Courts Fund
1968 Joint Commission on Correctional Manpower and Training
1968 Legal Aid Society
1968 Theatre for the Forgotten
1969 Fortune Society
1970 Lower East Side Action Project
1972 Floating Foundation of Photography
1972 Health Policy Advisory Center
1972 Institute of Society, Ethics and Life Sciences
1972 Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Social Change
1972 Offender Aid and Restoration of Virginia
1973 Georgia Council on Relations
1973 South Bronx Community Corporation
1973 Street Theater
1973 The South Forty Corporation
1974 Center for Constitutional Rights
1974 Citizen’s Inquiry on Parole and Criminal Justice
1974 Pacific Change
1975 Querer
1976 Cell Block Theatre
1976 NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
1976 Southern Prison Ministry
1977 Juvenile Justice Planning Project
1978 Harlem Restoration Project
1978 Legal Action Center
1978 Project Green Hope: Services for Women
1978 Women’s Prison Association and Hopper Home
1979 Andrew Glover Youth Program
1979 Center for Creative Arts Alternatives
1979 Flowers With Care Youth Services
1979 Statewide Youth Advocacy
1981 New York Civil Liberties Union
1982 New York Coalition for Juvenile Justice and Youth Services
1982 Council of New York Law Associates
1984 JusticeWorks Community
1986 Correctional Association of New York
1987 Green Guerillas
1988 A New York State Judicial Commission on Minorities
1990 Dome Project, Inc.
1994 Westside Crime Prevention Program
1996 Urban Justice Center
2000 Prison Moratorium Project
2003 Bronx Defenders
2003 Immigrant Defense Project
2003 The Bronx Defenders
2006 Coalition for Parole Restoration
2007 FREE! Families Rally for Emancipation and Empowerment
2007 Youth Represent
2008 Rights for Imprisoned People with Psychiatric Disabilities