NYF at the New York Library

New York Foundation’s Historical Papers Now Available at the New York Public Library

The New York Foundation has supported thousands of non-profits in New York since its founding in 1909 and, not surprisingly, has amassed an impressive collection of papers and materials that document over 100 years of the city’s social history. We are delighted to announce that these documents are now available at the New York Public Library in the Manuscripts and Archives Division. The collection provides insight into issues faced by New Yorkers over the course of the twentieth century including public health, housing, workers rights, immigrant rights, child welfare, racial equity, poverty, women’s suffrage, education reform, and others. It offers a window into the expansive range of neighborhoods, ethnicities, and groups that sought (and often won) representation in public discourse. In many instances, materials in the collection reveal the effects of global events on local New Yorkers and neighborhood organizations. The collection was compiled by Laura Morris, Manuscripts Specialist at the New York Public Library. Occasional blog entries about specific items in the collection will be posted on the Library’s website.

Three recent posts include:

New York Foundation Records: the Freedom Quilting Bee Cooperative

New York Foundation Records: Franz Boas’ Project 26

New York Foundation Records: Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Physicians

The Manuscripts and Archives division’s reading room, open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 10-6, is located in the Stephen A. Schwarzman building, on Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street. Please register in advance of your visit. You are welcome to contact NYPL with any questions at the email address: [email protected].