The Secret Life of Muslims

January 20, 2017
This first person series uses humor and empathy to subvert stereotypes and reveal the truth about American Muslims: fascinating careers, unexpected talents, and inspiring accomplishments, providing a counter narrative to the rampant Islamophobia prevalent in the media.


On November 2nd, 2016, Vox posted it’s first video of a new series on YouTube. It features a Muslim actor who’s experienced life in entertainment, constantly auditioning for roles of radical Muslim terrorists and other limiting characters. Here, Ahmed Ahmed explains the challenges of being a Muslim-American comedian:

Fifteen years after 9/11, American Muslims still face an uphill battle in the national imagination. The current political climate spurred on by constant fear mongering during this election cycle, as well as the saturation of negative stereotypes that flood the news and media continue to make Muslims the target of suspicion and hostility. Building on its work in The Secret Life of Scientists, Seftel Productions‘ new series, The Secret Life of Muslims, provides a counter-narrative and portrayal to being Muslim in America:

The production is co-funded by The New York Community Trust and features Khalid Latif, Rais Bhuiyan, Layla Shaikley, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, Dena Takruri, Reza Aslan, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Mona Haydar and Sebastian Robins, Wajahat Ali, Aman Ali, Zahra Noorbakhsh, Maz Jobrani, Omar Regan, Iqbal Theba, Negin Farsad as well as the executive director of our grantee organization the Arab American Association of New York, Linda Sarsour:

The series features 12 videos and can be explored on their website. For the list of full videos and posts by The Secret Life of Muslims team, check their Facebook and YouTube pages. To learn more about the series, listen to this NPR Fresh Air interview of Imam Khalid Latif, profiled in the video series.